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The normal program is 4 liquid applications of fertilizer and weed control. This begins in April/Mid May and ends in September/early October. The applications will be spaced apart 5–8 weeks depending on weather and other conditions. Programs for fewer than 4 applications per year are also available.


This granular pelletized application is normally applied from the middle of May through the middle of June. However, it can be applied at any time of the year.


This application is applied with the spring fertilizer and weed control application from April through the middle of May. It does provide season long control of grubs and some surface feeding insects. It can be applied any time of the year, but spring is most effective.

Plug Aeration

Plug aerations are normally done from the middle of August to early September. Sprinkler systems and underground dog fencing will need to be marked beforehand to avoid damage.

Birch tree insecticide

This application is applied in March through early April as a soil drench under Birch trees to provide season long protection against Birch leaf minor insects. It will also provide some control of Birch borer insects.

Mole Trapping

Mole trapping provides control of both moles and pocket gophers on either a seasonal or per animal basis. The trapping season runs from April through early October.
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